Here’s how it works.

You need cash.

It might be rent, mortgage, your electric bill, groceries, or recreational fun. But one fact remains, you are running low on cash. You’ve looked everywhere. The piggy bank, couch cushions, junk drawer, savings account. Nothing!

As a last resort, you dig through your wallet only to find old receipts, dust, and unused, maybe even unwanted gift cards.

What can you do with this junk?!

You say to yourself; “If only there was a way to turn these gift cards or merchandise credits into CASH …”

This is where FAST CASH 4 CARDS comes in.

All you need is …

a) A valid gift card or merchandize credit.
b) A valid photo I.D.
c) A working phone number.

Then, select your service.

You call us. We give you a quote. If the numbers work for you, come to us for the highest percentage. We verify the card balance, do some paperwork, and give you CASH. Most exchanges take 10 minutes or less.

If transportation or time is keeping you from getting to us we will come to you. The overall process is the same as in our regular service, but with the added convenience of leaving the drive to us. You will meet with a courteous professional ready to assist you with the transfer. The percentage is a little less, but you save the gas and the hassle of driving — whichever fits your needs better. We leave it up to you.

We accept nearly all Major Gift Cards & Merchandise Credits. You’re not dealing with inexperienced hustlers or scam artists. We are a licensed business with a great reputation. Our General Manager, Walter has a deep background in finance and will do everything possible to earn your repeat and referral business.

We get you the cash you need and help you keep your dignity intact. Our payouts are consistently among the highest in the market. And you get CASH in hand NOW!!!

We give you a great percentage and treat you with respect and empathy. Our process is FAST and Courteous. In return we have built long term client relationships. We understand you have many choices and we appreciate your selecting us.

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